Monday, May 16, 2011

Back From Haystack

Arrived home late yesterday from an amazing 4 day workshop at Haystack Mountain School of Craft. The school is located on the beautiful island of Deer Isle Maine.

The only thing more spectacular than the view was what was happening at the school. There was a vibe - everybody was so engaging - beyond class time there was an ongoing creative dialogue that crossed over the various workshops (all of which you were free to visit to see what other people were doing)spilled into mealtimes and late into the evenings. Maine Craft Association sponsors this annual workshop for it's members with tuition on a sliding scale - making it affordable for artists like me (thank you so much!!!).. ....But anyway.......I didn't take a Pottery Workshop (go figure) I took Native American Basket Making and it was beyond wonderful! Our teacher, Paula Thorne - a traditional arts master, was incredible! Her mastery of her craft and generosity of spirit blew me away! As she shared her knowledge with us, she regaled us with Penobscot folk tales of Gluskab.

Anyway.....I'm home now and it's time to get back into my studio. Below is a photo of the brown ash and sweet grass baskets I made (I will have to finish my sea urchin basket)and my newest prized possession - an Aaron Sober teabowl (he taught the Pottery Workshop that I didn't take :( - oh well can't do everything) Time to get to work!!!

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