Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drats & Double Drats

I think my electric kiln has become a "kiln of a certain age"  .  About a month and a half ago, it's thermocouple died (right before a couple of large shows had coming up - just when I needed it most) So I learned how to replace a thermocouple. (it was actually very easy)
Now the dam thing won't shut off.....from what I read in the trouble shooting sections of my kiln manual, it sounds like I have a stuck relay and will need to figure out which one it is and  learn how to replace that :( (hopefully it's not any harder than replacing a thermocouple) Of course I have Holiday shows the first 3 weekends in November and I have my whole work table covered with greenware ready to be bisqued  (#?X&& TIME !! Not an issue?!!)
Hopefully after this it will behave until the end of the year and I can lovingly learn how to replace it's old elements over the coming winter.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The Observatory is Now Open

Until yesterday I had always assumed that the building pictured here had originally been a chicken coop. When we bought the house in the late 90's, one of my husband Dave's first projects was to take this building down to it's foundation and rebuild it as a studio for me. The only question we had was why was the original roof on the chicken coop on wheels? The answer came driving up our driveway yesterday. An elderly gentleman got out of his car and introduced himself. Frank Landon told me that prior to us,his family had owned this property for over a hundred years. The original house had burned down in the great fires that destroyed quite a vast area of Southern Maine back in 1947. Frank's father rebuilt the house on the original footprint of the old house.......... and this is where the chicken coop comes in.........as it turns out, Frank's father was a somewhat eccentric college professor and an astronomy enthusiast so when he rebuilt the house he also built himself an OBSERVATORY!!! He would go out at night - roll the roof open (that answers that question) and gaze at the stars through his telescope. I outgrew that building and moved my studio into a larger space a while ago and have been using it as a gallery to showcase my work.........it now officially has a name......The Observatory..........How cool is that :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

!!!!October Sale!!!!!

Hi All..The Studio will be open Fridays Saturdays & Sundays - October 7th through the 30th. Stop by and receive 20% off your purchase!!