Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Drats & Double Drats

I think my electric kiln has become a "kiln of a certain age"  .  About a month and a half ago, it's thermocouple died (right before a couple of large shows had coming up - just when I needed it most) So I learned how to replace a thermocouple. (it was actually very easy)
Now the dam thing won't shut off.....from what I read in the trouble shooting sections of my kiln manual, it sounds like I have a stuck relay and will need to figure out which one it is and  learn how to replace that :( (hopefully it's not any harder than replacing a thermocouple) Of course I have Holiday shows the first 3 weekends in November and I have my whole work table covered with greenware ready to be bisqued  (#?X&& TIME !! Not an issue?!!)
Hopefully after this it will behave until the end of the year and I can lovingly learn how to replace it's old elements over the coming winter.

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