Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting Ready for Common Ground & Other Shows this September

Yesterday's School Around Us Craft Show on the Green in Kennebunkport was wonderful.  Good crowd & a beautiful day.....some people thought it was a little too cool but after an unusually warm & humid summer (for Maine anyway)...I say bring it on!!! I'm ready for fall.

Next weekend we're in Wells for a 2 day show at the Elementary School.  I love shows that are close to home ........ just have to roll out of bed & down the road.....and since we're not unpacking yesterdays show, we're all set for the next one. Yeah!

At the end month we'll be in Unity Maine at the Common Ground Country Fair.  This is my first time doing this show and I'm really excited about should be a good time!  For those of you who are planning on making the trek, there's a link below to the weekend's schedule.  Homeport Pottery Studio will be in the big by and say hey to Dave & me while your there!
Cat :)

Common Ground Country Fair 2010: Schedule for Friday September 24 @ Unity, Maine

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