Monday, November 2, 2009

Work, Work, Work, Work, Work

OK ........ I really love being a potter. My favorite thing is probably working on the wheel. I can loose myself in the motion of the wheel and the clay.....and I love the feel of the wet clay in my hands. I love hand building.....I love firing my kilns especially my large gas kiln and my raku kiln (yup....I like to play with fire) It takes about 5 bisque loads from my Skutt to fill the gas kiln. That's alot of pots! Confession.....I don't like glazing's the only part of the whole process the feels like work to me. Since I spray alot of my glazes I have to wear my Darth Vader respirator which fogs my glasses and makes me feel totally claustrophobic! Oh well....I've got a show this weekend so I guess it's off to work I go.

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