Friday, October 9, 2009


I can't believe the summer is over and we are already into October. I've been very neglectful with my posts and I am going to try and be more diligent.
I don't have any shows this month so I've been enjoying getting up every morning and going out to the studio to work. I've been playing around with a new technique where you apply a slip that contains sodium silicate to the surface of a wet pot, draw onto the surface (I've been using a wooden chop stick) and then use a heat gun to dry the outside of the pot. You then go back and expand the form from the inside. The result is a distortion of the drawings and a very cool crackling on the surface from the sodium silicate. I added iron oxide to my slip and the pots almost look like distressed leather. The pots are in the electric kiln being bisque fired and I am anxious to see what they will look like after they are glazed and fired again.

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