Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kiln Opening

I'm very pleased with alot of the pots coming out of the kiln from that last firing! I'm going to have to set up my ezcube and photograph the work that we'll be taking to the show on Saturday. And then between now and then paperwork & packing up for the show.
After Saturday I'll have a couple of weeks before the next show in Alton Bay, NH. I'm going to be rethinking and reorganizing my studio space. Currently I have my wheel setup in a chicken coop my husband Dave converted into studio space. Although it's small it has been functional for the past several years and because Dave added alot of windows, it's never seemed claustrophobic. My Kilns and Show Room are in another out building. In order to save on heating costs this winter (it gets pretty cold in Maine) , we're going to switch the Show Room to the chicken coop and bring my wheel into the other out building. Hopefully the result will be alot more cost efficeint and funtion more effectively. I'll be posting photos as everything evolves.

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